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A set of wayang figures was bought from ‘’the dalang in Banjar’’ by C.M. Pleyte, probably in 1898 or 1899. They were exhibited at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900. A plate, No. XXIV, with seven puppets was published in the large album ‘’Selected Specimens of Ancient and Modern Art and Handwork from the Dutch Archipelago’’, The Hague, 1901.

Images of the Hindu Pantheon were favourites. Siwa, Mahadewa, Iswara, Wisnu, and Brahma were shown, with two women, Srikandi, Arjuna’s wife, and Subadra, the daughter of King Basudewa, and also married to Arjuna.

The descriptions are a bit ‘’out of date’’. The author treats his subject matter as if he is writing about Indian figures from the Indian Mahabharata, but it is important that he uses the term ‘’art’’ in his title.