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LOr. 3390-193, left

Drawing on Dutch paper, watermark Concordia, countermark VdL., 33.7 x 41.8 cm.

The sage Darmaswami, after rescuing a tiger, snake and also a man from a well, is given jewellery, a headband and a kris. A text in Balinese script in ink at the top left says: pande ngaturang kris, balengker, bungkung, saking pgahen hi macan, a smith offers a kris, a headband and a ring on behalf of the tiger. Above the snake is written: nipi, snake, and at the bottom in the centre: macan, tiger.

The scene refers to an episode described in the Old Javanese Tatnri Kamandaka: 134-136. When the Brahman rescues a monkey, a tiger and the snake from a well, he is given the following advise: don’t take the man out of it. The Brahman, however, thinks that he should rescue the man. He gets him out. The man honours the Brahman with a sembah. He tells him that he is a goldsmith from Madura-Kling. He invites the Brahman to his home whenever he passes by. The Brahman continues his journey. He later meets the monkey aghain, whooffers him fruit, and the tiger, who fofers him the jewelry which he had taken long a go from a prince who was hunting in the forests and who died there. The all regard these gifts as a reward for their rescue.

LOr. 3390-192, right

Drawing on Dutch paper, watermark Concordia, countermark VdL., 34.4 x 41.6 cm.

The sage Darmaswami caught by men. A text in Balinese script in ink at the top on the left says: bhagawan mpu darmaswami, sinikep, the sage Darmaswami is run in.
Two men take the sage Darmaswami by force. Somewhone holds a ring with a rope round his neck. The equipment is called klètèk.

This scene refers to a story of the Brahman and the goldsmith as described in the Old Javanese Tantri Kamandaka 136-138 and Tantri Demung 4: 70-74 (LOr. 13.019). The sage is captured by the men of the King of Madura-Kling because they think he has killed the prince.

LOr. 3390-184, left

Drawing on Dutch paper, watermark Concordia, countermark VdL., 34.5 x 42 cm
He monkey, tiger and snake have found out that the Brahman has been captured. They decide to help him, since he had once saved their lives. The snake enters the palace-garden stealthily. He bites the crown-prince. The king summons the brahmans in his realm to make medicine. They advise the king to hold a snake-sacrifice and to burn a fire offering to ask the gods for help. Many offerings are prepared. Everybody, including people from outside the palace, brings offerings, “canang”. The snake-sacrifice is carried out under the guidance of a Brahman. The snake that has bitten the prince arrives. It enters from the fire. It is asked by the Brahman why he killed the prince. The snake explains that it was his purpose to help the Brahman Darmaswami. It says that the king should be told that nobody except the prisoner will be able to bring the prince to life again. The king agrees to set the Brahman free. He then brings the crown prince to life again.

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